Do You Know…NEURON-D?

NEURON-DO® is a registered trademark of Douglas DeMassa

NEURON-DO® provides martial art instruction through an approach that integrates physical movements with cognitive strategies.  NEURON-DO®, translated as “The Way of the Neuron” was created by Dr. Douglas DeMassa, to teach TaeKwon-Do in a format that is in harmony with the student’s nervous system.  When a student learns NEURON-DO® they will gain greater knowledge from the martial arts and will have a more enjoyable experience.  NEURON-DO® has been found to be helpful in teaching students of all ages and abilities.  Students diagnosed with a wide range of conditions* have found success with NEURON-DO®.


* ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Pain (ie: back, hip, knee, shoulder), Depression, Anxiety, and even Vertigo.  Click Here for Medical Disclaimer


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For Current Neuron-Do® Students. You can gain access to the material by directly clicking on STUDENT ACCESS.  You will need to use the password given to you in order to gain access to your rank information.  The link to Student Login is still under construction.

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For those students that would like to enroll in class please place the cursor over STUDENT ACCESS and click on Registration Forms.  Enrollment is Ongoing allowing you to join a class within a session throughout the year.