Belt Meanings

The Legend of the Martial Arts Belt
“As legend has it,” only one white belt was issued at the start of training.  The uniform would be washed, but the belt was NEVER washed.  It is believed that your belt represents all of your knowledge that you have gained over the years.  If the belt is washed, then all the knowledge you have gained would be washed away.  So one can imagine that over the many years of training and not washing your belt, it eventually turns darker and darker from the accumulation of all of the dirt, blood, sweat, and tears; eventually, your belt will turn Black.

                       NEURON-DO®-The Story of the Belts


White – Beginner
yellow belt
Yellow – Seed 
Orange – Soil
Green – Plant
Camouflage – Tree
Blue – Sky
Purple – Blossoms
Red – Fruit
Brown – Trunk
Black – New Beginning

The NEURON-DO® story of the belts represents the life cycle of the tree.  There is symbolism in which the growth of the tree is reflected in the growth of the student; which is an ongoing process that does not stop once Black Belt is achieved. This is also true for your neurons, in which you can continually grow connections throughout your life and there is even evidence that you can even grow new neurons.  Arborization is a term used to describe the growth of new connections between neurons because it looks like the growing branches and roots of a tree.