Right / Left Brain


The curriculum  in NEURON-DO® follows the natural cycle of the right and left hemisphere activation.  When you are learning something new your the brain develops a right hemisphere bias, as soon as it is learned and memorized the brain expresses a left hemisphere bias.  Matching the learning of the movements with the brain helps the student become in sync with the natural rhythms.  For instance the movements of the first belt (white) symbolize the right hemisphere and the second belt (yellow) symbolizes the left hemisphere. This pattern of right hemisphere followed by left hemisphere continues all the way up to black belt. The differentiation of the movements learned in this manner allows for greater understanding of the movements as they relate to cognitive strategies.   

Right and Left Brain Characteristics

The characteristics of the right brain and left brain is intended only to be a model necessary for learning purposes.  In reality, we have one brain with two hemispheres that function together.  In a simplistic model, picture each hemisphere as taking turns, naturally alternating between being turned on and off.   It is often a fun learning exercise to personify them as two characters similar to an odd couple.  The left brain is always looking to create order and the right brain is always looking to create disorder.  In this manner the left brain organizes data in a sequence so as to make sense of what is learned. Since the left brain looks at the details of a system it misses the bigger picture and to make reasonable conclusions it fills in the gaps with what is thought to be logical.  However, what is thought to be logical may be intuitively inconsistency with what the right brain sees as the bigger picture.  This creates a conflict in the brain and a majority of the time the left brain wins the argument because it cannot see the problem from the right brain’s perspective.  However, the right brain can see it from both perspectives and is patient because it realizes the even bigger picture; the left brain will in time come around.  All this can be learned, studied, and remembered just by looking at the Yin/Yang symbol.  Each hemisphere of the brain a polar opposite of the unifying whole.  Yet within each hemisphere contains the spark of the other revealing the true nature of being one.